What is the deadline for paying the acceptance fee (Conditionally Admitted students only)?

Please read your offer letter carefully.  Paragraph 7 states that there is no deadline.  However, applications are accepted in the order that acceptance fees are paid.  It is very important to pay the application and eShipGlobal fees as soon as possible.  If you wait, our program will be full and your acceptance will be denied.

When does the IIEP start?

Please visit the IIEP Calendar and Costs page of the website for information on starting dates.

How many levels does the IIEP have?

There are five levels:

E—low intermediate
E2—high intermediate

How long do I need to study in the IIEP?

You will begin your academic studies after you complete the Iowa Intensive English Program.  The length of time this takes depends on your level of English when you begin the program. Every student is different.  It takes a long time to learn English well enough to take degree courses that are taught in English.  You should expect to study from one to four sessions in the IIEP, if you work hard and use your English outside of class.

Can I take University courses while I am in the IIEP?

No, you will only take English courses.

If I score high on the placement test when I arrive, can I go directly to the University without taking IIEP?

No.  You are required to study for at least one semester in the IIEP.

How will my level be determined?

You will take a placement test during the first week of the program.  Your level is not based on your TOEFL score.

Can I retake the TOEFL exam to get out of IIEP?

Conditionally admitted students can submit a new TOEFL score prior to beginning in IIEP, up until the University’s deadline (April 1 for summer, May 1 for fall, and November 15 for spring).  If you have already accepted conditional admission and you obtain the required score by this date, your admission will be changed from conditional to full admission. If the deadline has passed you cannot submit a TOEFL score. Once you have begun your English studies, no students enrolled in the IIEP can take the TOEFL, whether you are conditionally admitted to the University, or admitted to the IIEP only. 

What is required to pass the IIEP and move on to the University?

You must successfully complete either the high intermediate (Level E2) or advanced (Level P) level of IIEP, depending on your grades. 

  • Successful completion of IIEP for Level E2 students requires grades of A– or higher in all courses, and scores of 85% or above on all final assessments. 
  • Successful completion of IIEP for Level P students requires grades of C or higher in all courses, and scores of 70% or above on all final assessments.  

What airport should I fly into?

The closest airport is the Eastern Iowa Airport, code CID.  It is 30 minutes from the University by car. 

Will you pick me up at the airport?

No, we do not provide transportation to or from the airport.  You can arrange for ground transportation by contacting one of the several transportation companies in the area.

When can I move into my dormitory?  What is my room number?

You must contact Housing about dormitory questions.  For any questions regarding University housing, you will need to contact the Housing Department at housing@uiowa.edu, or 319-335-3000.

Can you arrange a home stay for me?

The IIEP is unable to offer home stays for students.

I do not remember my HawkID password.  What should I do?

The IIEP office cannot reset your password.  Please visit this website http://hawkid.uiowa.edu/ and follow the directions there.  If you are unable to reset your password this way, you will need to contact Information Technology Services at its-helpdesk@uiowa.edu or 319-384-4357. 

When do I need to arrive in Iowa City?  How do I register for orientation?

Your admission letter from IIEP tells you the date and time that you need to come for orientation.  You do not need to do anything to register.  You will be attending the IIEP orientation.  You may see orientations for University students listed on the website for International Students and Scholars, but you will NOT attend any of these.

I need to arrive late.  Is that ok?

No, you MUST be here on the first day of orientation.  In most cases, if you are unable to arrive on time you will need to move your enrollment to the next semester.  On rare occasions we will make an exception for special circumstances, but you must receive approval to arrive late from the IIEP Director before you travel.  If you are not here by the first day and have not received approval to arrive late, you may not be allowed to study and may need to return home.

Do I have to have a health examination?

You do not need to have any type of health examination before you arrive.  However, all students must show proof that they have had immunization shots for measles and mumps (a document signed by your doctor).  If you do not provide proof of these immunizations, you will be given shots for measles and mumps.  A form was included in your admission packet. 

How do I pay for my tuition and housing?  Do I need to pay before I arrive?

You will pay for your tuition and housing after you arrive.  You will receive information during orientation about paying your University bill.  Please note that The University does not accept credit cards, so you should plan on setting up a local bank account after you arrive.

How much is the tuition for IIEP?

The costs for our program are listed on the IIEP Calendar and Costs page of the website .