The fall and spring IIEP sessions (January and August) are 16 weeks long, and the summer session (May) is 11 weeks long. All sessions provide 20 hours of instruction per week during the fall and spring semesters. Summer session provides 27 hours per week.


2023 Summer Session
Calendar Event Date
Registration May 15, 2023
Registration for Continuing Students May 16, 2023
Last Day of Classes July 28, 2023
2023 Fall Session
Calendar Event Date
Registration for Continuing Students August 23, 2023
Last Day of Classes December 8, 2023



Fees are tentative and may need to be adjusted. Application fees and advance tuition deposits are non-refundable (though they may be transferred to another semester if a student cannot attend the session for which he or she initially applied).

Costs per Semester
Fee Cost
Application Fee $90
Advance Tuition Deposit $250
Remaining Tuition $5050
University Student Fees (includes computer and health clinic fees) $735
Health Insurance (required) $300/month
Textbooks (estimated) $300
Estimated Living Expenses $4700 (add $3000 per dependent)


Admitted students will be issued a Form I-20 for an 18-month program of study, the average length of study for intensive English students.

Admitted students must provide a financial statement in the amount of at least $25,000, which is the cost of two 16-week sessions (living expenses included) in order to be issued an I-20.

If you are not sure what a financial statement should look like, please view these samples: