ESL Programs at The University of Iowa consists of the following programs:

ESL Credit Program

Courses in this program are designed to serve regular University students who need additional work in English, based on a placement test given when they begin their first semester.  Courses are offered to increase proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, listening comprehension, pronunciation and grammar.  Courses are taught by Teaching Assistants in the Department of Linguistics and Lecturers in ESL Programs.  Each course grants three hours of credit, which is counted toward graduation.

Teaching Assistants Preparation in English (TAPE)

The TAPE program provides English-language instruction for prospective TAs from all units of the University.  Courses in pronunciation, fluency and presentation are designed to increase overall communicative competency, concentrating on the components of intelligibility, fluency, interactional clarity, and cultural cues.  TAPE is staffed by faculty in ESL Programs.