Melissa Meisterheim, Ph.D.


Melissa earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Iowa. Her interests include second language acquisition of vocabulary as well as curriculum design.

Select Courses Taught

  • LING:5070 Practicum in TESL
  • TA Preparation in English courses
  • Iowa Intensive English Program courses
  • CLAS:1250 Presentation Skills for Academic Success

Select Recent Conference Presentations

  • Trained Conversation Partners in the ESL Classroom: Facilitating Intercultural Dialogue: Chastain, Amy, Hassman, Benjamin, Meisterheim, Melissa, Mayrhofer, Sonja at TESOL 2021 International Convention
  • Repeated Reading for Suprasegmental Success: House, Emma, Meisterheim, Melissa at MIDTESOL 2020 Conference
  • Facilitating Student Integration into the Campus and Community: Meisterheim, Melissa at EnglishUSA 2019 Annual Professional Development Conference
  • Using Electronic Resources to Classify Authentic Reading Materials by Level: Knowling, Jeffrey, Meisterheim, Melissa at TESOL 2018 International Convention & English Language Expo,

Professional Memberships


photo of Melissa Meisterheim
B.A., Spanish and English, Truman State University
M.A., Linguistics with TESL focus, The University of Iowa
Ph.D., Linguistics, The University of Iowa
Contact Information

1112C University Capitol Centre (UCC)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States