Ryan Kaduce

Associate Professor of Instruction

Ryan received his master’s degree in Linguistics with a TESL emphasis from the University of Iowa, where he also earned a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Anthropology. Prior to becoming a University of Iowa faculty member, Ryan spent a year abroad teaching English as a Foreign Language in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Wuhan, China.

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys going on nature walks with his wife and son, watching scary movies, whittling, boxing (heavy bag training), trying the hottest hot sauces he can find, and collecting oddities.

Courses Taught

  • IIEP Communication Skills (at various levels)
  • IIEP Reading (at various levels)
  • IIEP Grammar (at various levels)
  • IIEP Writing (at various levels)
  • ESL:1005 Special Topics
  • ESL:4100 ESL Oral Skills
  • ESL:4130 ESL Academic Listening Skills
  • ESL 4160 ESL Grammar
  • ESL 4190 ESL Academic Writing for Undergraduates
  • ESL:4200 ESL Academic Reading Skills
  • ESL:6000 ESL Writing for Graduate Students
  • TAPE:5100 Pronunciation, Fluency Building, & Culture
  • TAPE:5220 TA Preparation in English: Pronunciation
  • TAPE:5300 TA Prep in English: Presentation Skills
  • TAPE:5330 TA Prep: Fluency Building

Select Conference Presentations:

  • “Holy Cow! Time to Teach Swearing in ESL Classrooms” – TESOL International
  • “Using Integrated Tasks in Placement Testing” – MIDTESOL
  • “Strengthening Academic Research Skills via Civil Discourse on Social Media” – MIDTESOL
  • “A Fast-Paced Vocabulary Review Game Derived from Finite Geometry” – MIDTESOL
  • “Spaced Repetition: A Valuable Tool for Irregular Word Form Acquisition” – MIDTESOL
  • “Introducing Micro-Lending for Authentic Learning in ESL Classrooms” – MIDTESOL
  • “Irregular Word Form Acquisition via Spaced Repetition” – MIDTESOL
  • “Audience Awareness: Helping students choose topics for optimal engagement” – MIDTESOL
  • “Dagnabit! Time to Teach Swearing in ESL Classrooms” – MIDTESOL
  • “Fostering Meaningful Student Interactions via ‘Shared Unknowns’” – MIDTESOL
  • “Motivational Interviewing: Helping students to help themselves” – MIDTESOL
  • “Simplifying Grammar Assessment: Saving time while accurately assessing proficiency” – MIDTESOL
  • “Utilizing Eavesdropping Journals for the Acquisition of Idiomatic Expressions” – MIDTESOL
  • “Metaphor Awareness in the Teaching of Phrasal Verbs” – MIDTESOL

Upcoming Conference Presentations:

  • “Choosing Service Activities for Busy ESL Professionals” - MIDTESOL
  • “From Instructor to Mentor: Motivational Interviewing for ESL student success” – MIDTESOL, Dakota TESOL, & TESOL International
  • “A Fast-Paced Vocabulary Review Game Inspired by Finite Geometry” – Dakota TESOL & TESOL International
  • “Irregular Word Form Acquisition via Spaced Repetition” – Dakota TESOL & TESOL International
  • “Optimal Engagement via Collective Topic Selection” – TESOL International


Kaduce, R. L., Metzger, N. E. (2019). Dagnabit! It’s Time to Teach Swearing in ESL Classrooms. MIDTESOL, 2. Published December 2, 2019

Kaduce, R. L. (2019). Exploring Kiva.org: A communication-focused introduction to microlending. MIDTESOL, 2. Published December 2, 2019

Kaduce, R. L. (2018). Shared Unknowns: Creating a level playing field for domestic and international student interaction. K. Foster & J. McClellan (Eds.), MIDTESOL Matters (vol. Fall 2018, pp. 20-21). MIDTESOL.

Ryan Kaduce
B.A., Linguistics and Anthropology, The University of Iowa
M.A., Linguistics with TESL focus, The University of Iowa
Contact Information

1120R University Capitol Centre (UCC)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States