By request, the Iowa Intensive English Program may offer short-term (3-8 weeks) programs of intensive English study for groups of university students from other countries. These English language and orientation programs are developed and tailored to meet both the desires of the students' home institution and the needs of the students.

By living in Iowa City, studying English four hours each day, and living in the dormitory with U.S. students of the same age, these students not only improve their language skills but also experience U.S. culture in a unique way. Such programs provide numerous opportunities for students to use their English and to experience the culture of the U.S. and of Iowa City in particular. Many of the students have returned to The University of Iowa; some come for further intensive English instruction, some for a year's exchange program, and some for graduate study.

  • Tokyo Denki University has been sending students to Iowa since 1993.
  • University of Yamanashi Faculty of Medicine students came to the University for the first time in March 2003.

If your school or organization is interested in collaborating with IIEP to create a short-term English language learning program, please contact the Iowa Intensive English Program.